Don't Leave Home Without One!
A Home Leaver's Survival Guide.

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"This book should be gifted by government to every Aussie youngster about to leave school. A quintessential component of every Australian household, school and library."
- The Adelaide Advertiser - Geoff Roach

"This book covers everything from cooking to setting up bank accounts, to even the new IR laws. Mea culpa - I actually boiled sausage rolls rather than putting them in the oven when I first moved out of home!"
- 612 ABC Radio Brisbane - Madonna King

"It's a really useful tool for anyone wanting to leave home - I reckon you've covered pretty well everything."
- 891 ABC Radio Adelaide - Spence Denny

"Dennis Bills, a former teacher and school camp leader, knows a thing or two about mentoring the young." - Notebook Magazine

"I'm going through the book and there's all sorts of great things in here. It's written in our language about our society. This book is going to fill a gap." - 774 ABC Radio Melbourne - Richard Stubbs

"A lot of parents say to me, "I think I'm going to buy this book and give (the kids) a hint to leave home!" Congratulations on the book." - Susie Eleman - 'Susie' WIN-TV

"Leaving's harder than you think. You don't leave anything out, it's a VERY useful book. Congratulations on it." - 936 ABC Radio Hobart - Christopher Lawrence

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